Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What a crazy week!
First of all, I'm being transferred to Debrecen this week. I have to leave Szeged, but I kind of expected it. We are the only trio of sisters in the mission and one of the native Hungarian sisters is going home this week so President decided to take me out of the trio and put me in her place, in Debrecen.
I'm excited, but leaving Szeged will not be easy. Being in an area for nine weeks and leaving is hard enough, but Szeged has been my home for the past fifteen weeks and I feel like I will leave part of my heart here when I leave. I had my first baptism here in Szeged. The members here in Szeged have adopted the missionaries into their own families. It's just heart-breaking to leave them.
I've just got to accept the fact that it's my time to leave and that there are people in Debrecen who need me to find them and teach them.
This week though was pretty jammed pack.
Monday we went out fishing with Gabor and his dad. There is a special bug called the mayfly that comes out of the Tisza river after hatching from underwater. It only happens one week a during the whole year. and the ugly mayflies just fly all over. The fish literally jump out of the water catching these ugly things. It's the best week to fish on the Tisza. Well we went out fishing and I caught two huge fish! We were doing spinning and fly-fishing. That was the first time that I did either and I caught one with both styles. It was way fun! The bugs and fish were both jumpin like crazy!! We had a really good time with Gabor and his dad too.
Tuesday we set off early in the morning for Budapest because we had zone conference. President's last zone conference before he goes home. It was a good time though. The main topic and thing I got out of it was the importance of becoming better everyday.
After zone conference my companions and I went to Debrecen, which is on the way east side of the country, for splits. We actually sat on the train by this younger dude and had a good missionary moment. By the end we ended up taking a selfie with this guy and he put it on Facebook. hahaha!  Anways, we got to stay for a day and teach some people in Debrecen. That was way fun, we got to see how the STL's (sister training leaders) taught and learned a lot from them. Now look at me, I'm going back to Debrecen to finish where I left off with those people earlier this week. It will be interesting, but I am excited.
Wednesday and Thursday morning we were in Debrecen.
As we were heading home we had another missionary moment where we talked to a lady who was heading back to Germany from visiting her family here in Hungary but it all started when she hiccuped and I thought there was a small animal sitting behind me. I look behind me and she says in her cute hungarian accent, "I'm sorry... excuse me."  Anyways she started asking about our church and that was cool.  We shared our testiomonies and hopefully she gets hooked up with some missionaries in Germany. One could only hope.
Yeah so Thursday evening we came home had a few programs . They were all good. We met with LZ again, who we had on bap date last transfer but she didn't want to meet anymore. It was a good meeting with her, we brought a member who she is pretty familiar with. The program went good, but she still hasn't come to church, so that's what we're working on.
RR is way solid if any of you are wondering. Now with me and Layton gone is way sad but we know that he will stay strong. No doubt.
Friday and Saturday were just kind of chill days. We did some finding, but didn't see a lot of success out of it, to be honest. Sometimes you get them and sometimes you dont.
Sunday, Kovács came down to Szeged. Sister Kovács was my companion  my second transfer in Pápa. She spoke in our branch about her mission and how members can get involved in missionary work. It was way good. Gee, I love her so much.
Wow, my email is like way all over the place. I'm just not really thinkin' straight. Having to leave is on my mind, and it sucks, but this is the missionary life for ya. No, it doesn't suck. We just have to move when it's time.
I'll take lots of pictures of Debrecen, my new city, next week and it will be good (:
Love ya'll
Whitaker Nővér

Michaela Janae Whitaker

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