Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Michaela Janae Whitaker

Transfer call. This is the second to last "big" transfer call that I will get before I go home. I can't believe I only have four more months here in Hungary. Time goes by way fast out here.
Sister Layton will be leaving me, she will be going to Eger, where I served before I came to Szeged. Sister Layton knows the people and the area pretty well already, from what I told her in the beginning of the transfer. I will be staying in Szeged and will get two new companions. I'll be in another tri-companionship. It's the third I've been in. I'm excited. Right now there are four of us but after we go up to transfers tomorrow, we will be bringing five new people back down. Yes, we have gone from being four to seven! It will definitely be a different transfer.
Last week was a good week. Biggest news: RR got baptized!!!!! Ahhhh!! This is what we had been waiting for since we met with RR! His baptism was a big success and it was really really great! RR asked Sister Layton and I if we would speak at his baptism. I spoke about baptism and Sister Layton talked about The Gift of the Holy Ghost. It was really good. The Baptism was great and a lot of people ended up coming, then on Sunday he got the gift of the Holy Ghost and you could feel the spirit so strongly. After his baptism we talked to RR and he said that even from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon he felt and saw a big change in his life, in just that twenty-four hour period.
Sister Layton and I were worried for a little while because with transfers coming up, it would be hard enough on RR for one of us to leave, but we knew that there was a slight possibility that both of us would leave, but when we got transfer calls today, we were a little bit relieved that at least I will be staying.
RR is way solid though and the branch members welecomed him in the branch quite nicely on Sunday so we think everything will be okay with him. 

Funny story of the week: Sister Layton and I were walking on opposite sides of the street, and I see Sister Layton stop and read something, but I kept on walking. Eventually, when we met back up again, she said that she read a sign for a African Circus that is in Szeged. Something you should know about Sister Layton is that she is obsessed with Africa. It's her dream to go to Africa, and her family has already made plans to go to Africa next summer when she gets back from her mission. Anyways, she read that sign and we decided to go find this circus in Szeged. We knew the general direction where it was, so we went. We eventually saw a big circus tent and behind it all the circus animals were outside in their cages/pens where the general public could walk around and see them and pet them. Sister Layton and I walked around and looked at the animals, then we were way thirsty so we went across the road to look for something to drink, afterwards we walked out and I told Sister Layton that we should walk by the circus one more time. As we were walking through it, Sister Layton taps me on the shoulders and in her most quiet, excited voice she says, "LOOK!! THERE ARE AFRICANS!!!" I look and there are total Africans walking out of the circus tent, we were kind of just staring at them at first and they looked over at us and were like "Heyyy" and so we went over and talked to them. They were part of a team of five that did acrobats in the circus. They are from Kenya, they also have like three girls who came with them who dance and sing in the circus. Anways we talked to them for a while, meanwhile, Sister Layton was like freaking out, but they happen to be on the way to the grocery store (where we had come out of) to get food so they were like, "Hey, come to the grocery store with us." So we walked over there with them while they got their food. On the way over there, we ran into one of the singers. After that we went back to their teams little trailer and talked to their whole Kenya group and got some sick pictures with all of them. The whole deal was way cool. They were so nice and they will be here in Szeged for another few weeks but then will go to a city, somewhere around the Balaton, and then who knows from there. Anways so now we have African friends and we even got to talk to them about our church a little bit, so that was cool too!
I don't have that much to say this week, besides that. The Baptism was the big event. During the next couple of weeks we have a lot of cool branch activities coming up so that should be good! Hopefully soon I will be able to write more!!
Lots of love for all ya'll,
Whitaker Nővér

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