Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Michaela Whitaker
Fun fact: Szeged is the hottest city in Hungary. We sweat a lot. The number of showers we take in one day is ridiculous!
Funny story of the week: The last fifteen weeks I've noticed that I've been really itchy. I really didn't know what it was from. I thought maybe seeing how I shower everyday that it's been drying out my skin or something like that. I have been using lotion and it really hasn't helped. Secretly inside, I thought I had some terminal skin disease and that some day I was going to drop over dead anytime. Anyways, Sister Heath, this week, comes out of the bathroom and says, "Do you usually wash your clothes with this stuff?" Holding my laundry soap. I said yes and she said, "You know this is fabric softner?" What the fuuudge!?!? I seriously looked at her and said, "No freakin wayyy!!" I think I may have just solved my itchy problem. Sure enough, Sister Heath bought actual laundry detergent and I washed my clothes with it and what do you know... I'm not itchy anymore. My life is a joke.
This whole week was just way fun, plus we got a lot done. We ended the week off with eight new investigators. Most in the mission. Woohoo. We had a lot of people this week come up to us and want to know what we're about. That was way cool.
The week before transfers we got a call from this guy who works in a watch shop. He said that one of his friends got a flyer that said that we teach English Class. We went to his watch shop and set up a time to meet with him later in the week. We were way excited to meet with him and his family. Wednesday came around and we met him back at his watch shop. We met his wife this time and they took us to their house. Pretty much the coolest house I've been in, since being in Hungary. We walk into his house and there are real sharks just hanging all over his wall, but it's not like they are just hanging like vertical on the wall, but they are like popping out of the wall, like some crazy 3D ocean house. There were all kinds of ocean creatures all over his house. All real...obviously dead, but still way freaking cool. This guy is a scuba diver and he lived in Hawaii for awhile. They also had a sauna in their bathroom. Who has a sauna in their bathroom. That's so sick! The watch maker's wife made us homemade palacsintas with homemade lekvár (jam). It was wayyyy finom! We pretty much told them why we're here as missionaries and then talked about our purpose here. They invited us back, so we will go back next week and it will be good! Such a cool family.
Hey! We met with LZ again. That was one of our investigators that was on bap. date. right before Easter. Sister Layton and I saw her on the street a bunch, but she would just ignore us. Well, we saw her on the street the other day, and I took my new companions up to her so they could introduce themselves. I asked if maybe we could start meeting again, and she invited us to come over later this week, so hopefully it will be successful and we can start teaching her again.
The majority of our lessons went really well this last week. We met with a few people that we met on the street. Oh, we went tabling a lot this week with the elders. Sister Heath is way good at drawing and when I say way good. I mean.... way freaking good. We do this cool thing called chalking. We pretty much put a table up in the middle of this town square and draw things on the sidewalk. Anyway, my companion, Sister Heath, pretty much colored the whole square up. She drew a portrait of Joseph Smith, out of the Book of Mormon, a temple, The Plan of Salvation, A Book of Mormon, an American Flag that said Ingyenes Angol Óra in it. It was way cool. Anyways we got a few new investigators out of tabling. Talked to a lot of cool people. I met this little old lady who was sitting on a park bench. The conversation started out by her saying that she didn't want to talk because she had just finished something really hard in her life. As she looked through me I could see the tears in her eyes. I didn't really know what to say, because it was obvious she didn't want to talk about it, plus she said she would prefer to just be left alone. All I told her was that God loved her and that we're here as missionaries to share this message with everyone. She was so sweet and we met with her again and talked about the Book of Mormon. On the same bench. In the same park. Too cute. Then this drunk guy popped out of nowhere and started stroking my leg and this Néni got on him like ugly on an ape and said "NEM SZABAD!!!!" (that's not allowed!) It was was cute!! She would have gotten up and tore him apart if he wouldn't have left. Anways, she is way cool and completely loves God with all of her heart. We will meet with her again this week, I'm excited.
Sunday we were invited out to a members house to eat. After sitting in church for three hours in a church building with air conditioning just in the chapel. We went out to his house and sat for four hours. He hadn't prepared the food before we got there so we ended up sitting another four hours at his house, but hey.. we got to pick cherries off his cherry tree. That was fun. Although, I didn't know there were magots in the cherries until I had eaten like 50 of them, and then somebody said something about it. Gross! Anyways we had a really good lunch when it was done. Plus it was Elder Nichols birthday so we had a little birthday party for him. After we were done we walked to the bus stop. The member said that the bus comes every hour on the forty so we walked to the bus stop so we'd be there just on time. We wait and wait and wait and wait and wait.... and wait and wait and wait.... an hour and a half later the bus comes. We were just dying because of the heat. We debated going hitch hiking, but then decided to wait. It was so miserably hot. We saw some old bácsi watering his garden out from a distance and we were talking about going over and asking him to spray us with water. So hot, but we survived.
This week we have Zone Conference in Budapest. President's last Zone conference. Pres goes home in a few weeks and we will be getting our New Hungarian mission president. We are way excited!
We also have splits this week, so we will be going to Debrecen after Zone Conference with the Sister Training leaders. I can't wait to see Debrecen. I've heard many good things about it.
There will be a lot to write about next week.
Love you all,
Whitaker Nővér

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