Tuesday, June 16, 2015

From Michaela Whitaker
Hello from Szeged! We are just having a real good time down here!
Transfers was this past week, gotta love when you get that nice trap workout by lifting 50lb bags all day. The burn feels so good, and the sore feeling you have after the day(s) after is even better! haha!
Well, I lost Sister Layton this week, but I got two new companions. Sister Whittaker (we call her Dubs) and Sister Heath. They are way sick! I love them! We've already had a bunch of fun times together. Too many, I can't even count. I'll just save all those stories 'till after the mish. (;
This week not much has happened in Szeged besides just visiting people and introducing my companions to everyone down here in the Sunshine City. Fun fact: Szeged is the hottest city in Hungary during the summer. That isn't a big surprise as it's the city furthest south, but sometimes I feel like I'm melting . It's way worse than last summer when I was up in windy Sopron. It's alright though, I'm just sucking it up and dealing with it. It's great.
Nothing too special this week.
Wow, this is way short... haha. I'm sorry. I'm super lame!
Next week will be better, promise.
Love ya'll
Whitaker Nővér

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