Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Michaela Janae Whitaker

Hello friends and Family!
What can I say, this week has been pretty great! The work here in Pápa is definitely not easily, but who said it would be? Yeah, I can't think of anyone either.
Monday night for Family Home Evening, we played soccer. It is pretty much a Pápa FHE tradition, at least during the summer. Sadly though, I think we have seen as much as we are going to see summer-wise. It has gradually been getting darker and cloudy around here.
Tuesday we had a program with one of our investigators who has been flat-lining for the longest time but then all of a sudden went up after we brought a member to one of his programs, but then on Tuesday we started to see him go down again. Getting investigators to come to church is not an easy thing to do. Of course, Hungary is NOTHING like the USA where people can just get in their car and drive to church when it is pouring rain or snowing. Instead, the people in Hungary usually ride a bus or walk everywhere they go. The only problem with that is bus times don't run whenever you want them to, but instead they have a schedule and if that schedule doesn't comply with your schedule well...what are you going to do? We have a few investigators that can't make it to church because of bus times, but then if we were to change the time of church (which is 8:00 AM-- a little early, eh?) then other members who the bus schedule works for now, wouldn't be able to come. You can't please everybody, right? Hűha! It's hard for sure. Anyways, sorry back to our investigator. This specific investigators doesn't have a problem with getting to church, but he goes to another church, the evangélikus church, with this Néni every Sunday. We can't get him to come to our sacrament meeting. I secretly think he has a crush on this particular Néni, he's a bacsi so it's perfect. No, but really, we don't know what to do. We have offered to walk with him, everything, but he doesn't want to leave his other church and his friend, so we will see where we will go from there.
Thursday, we had zone training in Győr. That was great as always. It was nice to see some of the missionaries I'm familiar with. Plus, we had the pleasure of having President Smith (Mission President) and his wife come to our zone training. He talked to us about, "how to be successful in missionary work." "If you want to be successful in missionary work, you will have to do it the Lord's way." I learned a lot about how important it is to do it the Lord's way even if "Sister Whitaker's way" is a lot different. We think that we know ourselves better than anybody else, but actually there are two people who know us better than we know ourselves. God, because he is the Father of our spirits, and Jesus Christ, because he completed the atonement in our behalf. He felt everything that we will feel or will ever feel in our lives. I am so thankful for this knowledge and it brings me great comfort when I do things that is contrary to "Sister Whitaker's way,"' because I know that God will bless the people that I teach, through his way, infinitevely more than I could ever by doing it my own way. I'm so thankful for my Mission President and his wife, they are such shining examples to me.
Saturday, we had Sport Nap (where we play sports with our investigators). The pálya where we play is a thirty minute walk so we walked there and started playing soccer, well it started to sprinkle a little bit, but we kept playing, then it started raining a decent amount and well...we kept on playing. Then it flat-out down-poured on us, some of the people who we were playing with decided to take shelter by a building, but VandenBerghe Nővér and I decided to keep playing soccer, as well as one Elder and a church member. It's safe to say we were SOAKED. We played for a while and then decided to take shelter with the others, we thought it would be just a ten minute down-pour and that it would soon pass over. Try an hour down-pour. A flat hour. Luckily one of the members had a car and drove us home so we didn't have to walk. Unfortanetely I left, my blow-up rubber raft at the apartment or otherwise we could have just rafted home.It was so intense. I tried to take a picture from our apartment. Cars, here in Hungary, are not tall so there were tons of cars in the middle of the street because of flooded engines. It was crazy. Okay, it was super fun, but super wet! It will definitely be a day to remember.
Sunday after church we had another big rain cloud pass over it and it down-poured for a good thirty minutes. Not as instense as Saturday, but still really wet.
That was my week. Unfortanetely, we didn't have many lessons, but we hope to schedule with some people we found and set up with them.
This is the last full week of this transfer. It's crazy that another nine weeks have gone by. I'm coming upon my third transfer. I'm super curious what will be instore for us, as a tri-companionship during this next transfer. It will be good, whatever happens, happens.
I hope everything is going great back home. It looks like it's already snowing in South Dakota. Good luck with that (; 
Szeretlek benneteket,
Whitaker Nővér

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