Friday, July 3, 2015

Sunday was probably one of the coolest blocks of finding that I've done during the course of my mission. There is this HUGE indoor/outdoor soccer stadium in this HUGE park not too far from our house. It's literally like a family friendly park with sections of nice soft grass to picnic on or play soccer. Then there's a huge fountain that have concrete blocks in the middle of it so that you can walk out in the fountain. The water is far enough way so you don't get soaked but you do get some misty water hitting you at times. Anyways, there were TONS of people in this park on Sunday night and most of them were families. Oh, not to mention there is a track around this park, like with actual track turf, that young fit/old and not so fit are running on. It's a big one two that goes up and down hills and has beautiful scenary. I can not wait to run on the track. It will be a nightly workout. I got to get that good bod before I go home in exactly THREE months today, whhaaaat?! Just kidding, my bod is already a loss cause. Anyways, I took our sign that said 'We are happy because we are Mormon, ask us why we are happy.' and walked around the park with it. We also took Michael with us who is a really solid Asian member here in Debrecen. Michael is just a story in himself, he's so great. Anyways Sellers, Michael and I walked around the park and literally had people come up to us asking us what our sign was about, or why we are truly happy. Then I took the sign and walked in the fountain and I literally had people waiting for me at the end to ask me what this was about. My favorite was this really cute couple, who asked to take a picture with me, they were sooo nice. Let's just say the best finding method ever was just discovered and we will do it again. 
Success is found when being a missionary, but having a good time while doing it as well.

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  1. What has this awesome sister missionary been doing lately? Missing her letters.