Friday, July 3, 2015

Michaela Janae Whitaker
This is Demi. Demi is from a providence in China (freak, I forgot the name) but he came to Hungary about two years ago to study
Economics. When he got to Hungary, he spoke very little English rather broken english. Which he still only speaks very broken English. He met the missionaries here in Debrecen about a year and a half ago and started taking lessons from them. A year ago he was baptized, but honestly I'm not sure how much he understood, originally, from the missionaries who first taught him. We are still teaching him but the language barrier makes it hard.
Okay, jump back eight months ago.... Sister Whitaker was serving in Szekesfehervar with Sister Sholly who also served in Debrecen and Sister Sholly would always talk about this little Asian dude in Debrecen. It was my dream from Szekes that I would sometime meet this Demi kid and then eight months later I get transferred to Debrecen. God is real.
Anyways, Demi had not been going to church for a good few months, and I was really concerned about it because the sister missionaries who served here before my companion and I did everything they could to get Demi to come to church, but nothing worked.
The week before I received my transfer call, that I would be coming to Debrecen to serve. My companions and I came to Debrecen for splits with the Sister Training leaders and the STL's set it up that I would be able to finally meet this infamous Demi guy. When I walked in and saw him for the first time I just felt God's love for him and how much God wants him to come to church so the lesson was all focused around how important church attendance is. I made him promise me that he would go to church the next Sunday. It was actually really cute because I will go to church wherever you go to church and I told him that I would be in Szeged, which is kind of far away and then he said he'd come to Szeged for his last Sunday, because in a week he would be going back to China for the summer. Anyways, I had faith in him that he would follow through and go to church, so we went back home to Szeged and then the following Sunday, I got a call from the Debrecen sisters that Demi went to church for all three hours. Now if you know anything about Demi is pretty much has the attention span of a four year old and can not sit still to save his life so the fact that he went to all three hours was a milestone!
I was excited for him to come down to Szeged for his last Sunday, but guess who came up to him... yep, me! He came to church this last Sunday and I translated for him and it was just wayy good. I was so happy that he came because he hadn't gone for a few months up until that point. That was like my miracle that I experienced this week.
Unfortunantly, Demi left us today. Right now he's on his way back to China and will be there until September 9th, but then will come back to Debrecen. That's one of the reasons why I'm hoping and praying that I will die in Debrecen. Die, meaning that I will finish my mission here. Before he left we made him this little picture collage and the goal behind it was that he would always see these pictures and remember to do the things that we want him to do... and not just us but Heavenly Father. It's a really cute collage and we were way satisfied with it. Here is a picture of it and with him holding it.
We love Demi!!

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