Monday, July 27, 2015

Blog Email- Debrecen Dayzzzz

The weather is hot and I'm melting as I'm typing this email.
Yep, the hot weather has returned and you can say that I'm anything but happy about it. We're just looking for streets with enough trees, but also people, so that we can still do missionary work without just melting into a puddle.
Okay, i'll be fo' real with you all right now. Today is a mini transfer call day, but this "mini transfer call" is actually a big transfer call day and almost everyone will be affected. Annndddd.... I just received my transfer call. Sellers and I will be staying together but we are getting another sister. Sister Dohm. Sister Dohm is a group below us. Sellers and Dohm will be Sister Training Leaders and I'm just kind of on the side, but it's whatever. It wil be good. We can do good work here in Debrecen.
Let's see, what happened this week. A lot happened. We all went to Miskolc Friday to meet our new mission President. President Szabadkai is really cool. He spoke only hungarian to us, and introduced himself and his family to us and kind of layed down a plan of what he wants to do in the mission It was good.
I think it's important to mention we met with this girl named Yael, she is from Israel. We just met with her, she accepted everything we taught her , and she said that she was so excited to learn more.
My emailing time is getting cut short today. I have to go, I actually have so much more to say, but I can't write it. I will write it next week when I have more time.
Love you all
Sister Whitaker

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