Monday, February 23, 2015

Oh man, where do I even start this week?! This week has been filled with good programs and great experiences.

I guess I could start with our awesome investigators. This week has been hard on everyone. Literally almost everyone we teach has been sick! It's been really hard to set up with them because they are all at home resting in bed, but we did manage to meet witha  few people. We actually ended up getting a few referrals from some people we teach. That's always the best! Referrals are not an easy thing to obtain, and it's a big deal if you get one from a church member, let alone an investigator. 

One of the young boys we teach brought his friend to our program and his friend was super curious about what we do, then instead of us answering his questions, our investigator just went ahead and answered them all for us. It was super cool to see him explain our purpose as missionaries from an investigators point of view. We literally didn't say anything but sat back and listened to him talk about us and his experience with the missionaries. On top of that, this boy is just a super smart kid and he clearly knows why we're here! We are meeting with both of them today and we are SO excited. It will be good!!

We meet with another girl weekly, and her twin is actually being taught by the missionaries in Miskolc. Their parents don't know that they're being taught by the missionaries, but they both want to get baptized. Her sister actually already has a bap. date so we hope that we can give her one. Although when we met with her last week she told us about her "bucket list" and how there are things on there that she needs to do before she would get baptized. Interesting, right? Bucket lists...they get you every time. We will definitely be helping her with that, lépésre lépésről (step by step). 

We went to another basketball game, with the same group of people this week. It was super fun.
We actually went to a members house this past week, we've been helping her with her family history work. Her sons and husband are inactive, but they have been there the past two times when we have gone over so we've had a good opportunity to talk to them. The husband asked me if I played any sports and I told him that I really enjoy basketball. Turns out he loves basketball too and he knows the players on the Eger basketball team. He said that he could look up when the Eger basketball team plays and that we could go to a game sometime. Uhh, YES! Don't have to ask me twice! I'm super excited for that. 
But on another note, I didn't know how unfamiliar I am with Family History untill the Family History Consultant of the branch asked me to help her with her family history. I wish I would have asked my parents about Family History a lot more before my mission because It's super hard to teach someone who probably already knows more than me in Family History, about family History...if you know what I mean. My advice to all you: Do family history!

Last note on investigators, we met with KC. I think I  wrote about him in last weeks email. Last week we asked him to read Alma 32, he came to our program this week and told us that he wasn't able to read the assigned passage we gave him, then he pulled out this huge computer programming book and he was like, "this is why I didn't read, I have no time." Honestly, I was a little frustrated because in last program Sister Brady and I both testified how when we put God's commandments first, he will bless us in all other things. We ended up reading the chapter with him and he had a lot of good input, questions and comments. Then at the end we commited him to just read a single verse each day, and not just pay attention to what he reads, but specifically pay attention to how his studies go. I can especially testify to the truth of the message we shared, because it was not easy in college to balance school work and the things God has commanded us to do. When our workload is large we have a tendancy to put secoond things first and push the most important things to the back, at least this is what I've experienced in my life. We did not beat around the bush or anything like that, but we were straight up with KC and told him that we're talking to him like this because we love him, not because we want to condemn him or scold him but because we want to see him become closer to Heavenly Father, one verse at a time. It was a really really good program. 
My companion in Székesfehérvár, Sister Sholly was the person who found KC and they are still really good friends, during the lesson KC said, "you remind me of a certain person, Sister Whitaker." I questioned, "who?" and he said Sister Sholly. I told him we served around each other and we do have a similar personalitly. We don't sugar coat the things we teach, we are straight and direct with the people we teach. That's how it's got to be. Do it with love and the spirit does the rest!

Okayyy, so the rest of this email is just going to be full of random fun crap that we did/ran into this week. 

hahahahahaha, so last P-day my companion and I are walking in the Plaza (mall) and we see this arcade came (similar to the claw machine that you see in every Wal-Mart), one of the prizes in the machine were small speakers, which my companion has been wanting to get since the beginning of the transfer. We walk over to this machine and put some money it it. You would have thought we were starting a rap battle in the middle of Compton. Before we know it there are like ten teenagers/young adults surrounding us in a circle just watching us play this arcade game. It was waaaayyy too funny. Sister Brady and I joked around that we are going to go up to the Plaza again and play the machine, and while one of us is playing the machine the other one is going to be handing out pass along cards. But really, we are planning on doing this! 

If anybody is curious about how well my Hungarian is coming. We received a call from one of our new converts. I answered the phone and she started talking about maybe meeting up later in the week. Then she said that she would be going to her work place to clean and to tidy things up, she asked us if we would help her so of course we said that we would gladly help her. Right before her program my companion and I get changed into reg. clothes (so we could clean) and we get to the branch house, meet up with her talk for a little bit and then start walking to her work place. She had a big trash bag filled with stuffed animals (she works at a hospital for kids), plus she had her bike and backpack so she had her hands full. We helped her carry some things up there. We get up there to the entrance of her work place and she turns to us and says "'Thank you, you guys have a good day" gives us puszi (kisses) and sends us on our way. I was like, what the...."  I thought we were helping her clean and stuff. Ends up all she wanted us to help her with is just carry the stuff up to her workpalce, which we were happy to do for her, but we were just expecting more. Welcome to my life, trying to speak/understand the language. 

Okay, probably the biggest thing that happened this week. Friday night my companion and I were walking on the street and we see these people walking towards us. We thought we heard them speak English and as we got closer, it became apparent that it was definitely English. We stopped them and turns out that there is the Paraolympic Judo World Cup going on here in Eger Hungary! How craaaazy is that!?! Anyways so come to find out, they were Americans, all but one of them are participants in the paraolympic Judo cup, the other one was the coach. We talked to them for a while. They told us to come to their matches, but we didn't know where it was so they told us to just go up to the Hotel where they were staying and ask the Hotel Receptionist because they had just arrived Wednesday and they didn't really know where they were either, so that's exactly what we did Saturday. We walked up to the Hotel and asked the hotel receptionist where this match was, turns out we got there super late, too late. All the matches had already ended. We ended up going back to the hotel that night and trying to find them, just to tell them that we tried going to their match, but we were late. Long story short, we ended up finally finding them and talking to them for a good hour and a half. It was SOOO fun! We planned a dinner appointment with them tonight and Sister Brady and I are beyond STOKED! They will leave Thursday so we just thought it would be a good idea to get together with them one last time. Plus Sister Brady's cousin is serving a mission in the Chicago area and some of them are from Chicago and have expressed interest in meeting with the missionaries (even though they are not us (: ) in Chicago. BOOM, that's how we do missionary work here in Eger! 

That was my week in a nutshell. Things are just great here, and I LOVE my mission! I wouldn't trade it for anyyyything! We do work and live it up at the same time, and it's great.Love you guys! 

Whitaker Nővér

Michaela Janae Whitaker

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