Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hello Everyone, 

This email will be pretty short because my companion and I have six programs today, yes six...on our P-Day, but I'm not complaining because it's an opportunity to serve our brothers and sisters and hey, that's why we're out here, no? 
This week has been really good, I think I am getting used to life in a new city, new companion, new branch, in other everything. Eger is super beautiful and the people here and really great. I've heard during my mission that people on the east are more open than the people on the west and now that I'm in the east, I see what they are saying. I feel like a lot more people are willing to stop and talk to us. Maybe that's why we got six new investigators that week. To some missionaries who are serving, who knows in the world, six new investigators might be average or even a daily goal, but here in Hungary, it's kind of a big deal. 
We've had some pretty good lessons this week, we meet with a lot of people who are really close to a bap date. They believe in what we are saying they are just waiting to receive an answer for themselves, which we believe is not our job, but through their efforts they can find out for themselves that what we're saying is true. We can talk to them for hours on hours, but until they find out for themself the truth, we are just noise to them. 
We teach a young boy, he is fourteen years old and he is super cool. Honestly, his story is super close to Joseph Smith's. His family is religious but none of them belong to the same religion, they have all joined different churches, well he has been meeting with the missionaries and they have taught him everything up to the Gospel Of Jesus Christ, but ever since he has learned about the Book of Mormon he has had a huge desire to know whether it is true, so hopefully he receives his answer soon! 
I honestly don't know too much about our other investigators, I've only met with them once or twice and I don't know too much about how well they're progressing gospel wise, but I will definitely write more, later about them!! 
Oohhh, you all would never believe it, so when I was in Székesfehérvár, we had a member in the branch that used to be Hare Krisna and he took us to one of their festivals while I was out there, well my companion and I, here in Eger stopped a guy on the street the other day, and he said that he was Hare Krisna and that there would be a festival going on, on Sunday. He actually lives in Amsterdam but was born here in Eger. He was just here visiting his family, but he invited us to this festival. The only problem was that he had to fly back to Amsterdam on Sunday, right before it started so he wouldn't be there. My companion and I, Sunday morning...okay, actually, I should say, I thought Sunday morning, well if that guy who invited us isn't even going to be there, why should we go, we won't know anybody. To my surprise, Sunday morning we get a phone call, from the guy who we met on the street reminding us that the Hare Krisna festival would be later that day. He also said that, he had already told all of his friends that we would be coming and that they'd be expecting us. Oh boy, now I felt like I needed to go, because they were expecting us, so my companion and I walked to the address he gave us and we were greeted at the door by people who spoke almost perfect English. They were super nice and had told us that, our friend had told them that we would be coming. Again... I want to emphasize, here are Hare Krisna people, who have never seen us in their life, but were the sweetest towards us. We weren't even with a friend, but we just walked up as Mormon Missionaries and they welcomed us in with loving arms. They were SUPER nice and everyone who spoke English came up and said hi to us and shook our hands and the people who only spoke Hungarian still came up to us, not knowing we knew Hungarian, and would just smile and wave. It was super nice and we felt VERY welcomed. This is how our church should be! When you see somebody you don't know. GO SAY HI AND BE NICE!!! I can't even emphasize that enough! It makes a world of difference!! I promise!! Anyways so they take us to a room where they are having a "lecture" and we sit in the back. After the lecture was finished they started to play music and dance. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves, all of a sudden a man walks in front of us, I look at him and he looks at me... in my mind I said, "that guy looks awfully familiar," and I could tell by the expression on his face that he was saying the same thing. Come to find out, I met this really really cool guy, at the Hare Krisna Festival in Székesfehérvár who was from Miskolc. I talked to him a bit there and he said, well if you're ever in Miskolc maybe we will see each other (not very likely, Miskolc is pretty big) and we can meet. Well come to find out, this was the same guy! I couldn't believe it! Not going to lie, I was probably a little more excited than I should have been, but I was just like, Woah, what are the chances of seeing him again?? We exchanged information and hopefully I can stay in contact with him, even though I might not serve in Miskolc. It was just a really neat experience to reconnect with him!! We had another program to be at so we had to leave, but they made sure we didn't go hungry, they gave us food on our way out and let me tell you how delicious it was, FINCSI MINCSI! That's like yummy in my tummy (little kids use it). It was dang good and it was all vegetarian. Haha!! But yeah, we called the guy we met on the street and he was super happy we had a good time and just so glad that we went! We definitely were too! It was so cool!!
Overall, I feel myself well here in Eger (I said that how they say it in Hungarian- I like Eger, in English). It hasn't been too hard of a transition, plus with having the Browns here again, it's just like my greenie transfer, except I can speak a little better (at least, I think...?) 

I hope you guys feel yourselves well...wherever you are! I love you all so much and will talk to you soon!

Sok Szeretettel,
Whitaker Nővér

Michaela Janae Whitaker

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