Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh man...embarrasing moment of the week. So one of our investigators took us to this coffee shop (we drink hot chocoate) a couple weeks ago and there was a guy there who spoke English, and of course we love when we find people who can speak English. So we went back this week to try to talk to this guy more about English class. We walk up to the door and the hours on the door say Nyitás: Szombat 09-02 It was well after 2:00 . Sister Schoor and I looked at each other and we were like, "oh man, they're not open." But then we pushed on the door and it opened. There were people in there, and we were wondering if there was a mistake on the sign or something. So we sit down and the same guy, who we talked to last week, came around the corner. We asked him if they were open and he said "of course, we're open. There's people in here, isn't there?" We told him that we saw the sign on the door and it said that they're only open until two.  He said back to us, "yeah.... that's what it says..." we kind of just pushed it off to the side because it really wasn't important, but then after we drank our hot chocolate we told him we wanted to show him the sign so he follows us to the door and we show him and say "look, it says until 2:00!" Then he looks at us and says, "Yeah, we're open until 2:00, 2:00 in the morning..." Oh man, did we feel like idiots. Even above that it said that on the weekdays they're open until 24:00. I always forget that Hungary works on military time. I said in last weeks email, sometimes I forget that I'm in Hungary. Is that weird. Anyway, so we kind of made fools out of ourselves with that, but we talked to him about English Class...hopefully he comes!

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