Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Michaela Janae Whitaker

Transfer week! AKA chaos week! Oh man, I absolutely love transfer week! People are moving everywhere and it tends to get a little hectic but hey, it's part of the mission experience!
I am happy to say that I will be staying in Székesfehérvár! I am super happy about that. It will be awesome to stay here with my investigators and this wonderful branch! On the other hand though, I am sad to have to say goodbye to Sister Schnoor. She, indeed, will be leaving, but the city she is going to is absolutely stunning. I have been there many times and she will absolutely love it! I have no doubt that her and her companion will do great work there! My new companion will be Sister Sholly, who happened to be Sister Schnoor's companion before me. They talk very often so I feel like I almost know her through Sister Schnoor but I am way excited to work with her. Sister Sholly is in the group beneath me, so I will be going senior. It will definitely make me stretch but I think it will be good for me. This week has so much in store, I can hardly wait.
As far as what's going on in Székes-lands. We had a good week this week. Our landlord came over and painted our apartment so aside from having all the windows open, freezing our butts offf, trying not to get high from the fumes, times in our apartment were fun.
We had a really unique experience, and it actually just started out with a phone call. While we were emailing last week, we got a phone call from someone who said that they heard that they could receive a DVD about happiness from us and that he was interested in receiving such a DVD. We set up a time to meet later in the week, and when we did he ended up being a super nice man. We first talked to him about what we are doing here in Hungary and what our calls as "missionaries" mean. We continued to talk to him about how our church was restored on this earth and how we believe that we can find happiness in this life. We watched the "Finding Happiness" video with him, and he really liked it. We were hoping that we could meet with him again, but at the end of our lesson he said that he wasn't really interested in meeting again but "maybe we could get together sometime later and pray together." We were a little bummed out when he said he didn't want to meet again, because he seemed to accept everything we taught him.
Then on Sunday we walk into church and guess who is sitting in the congregation? The same guy! He stayed for two of the three meetings we had, and he really like them! The speakers who spoke on Sunday did SUCH a good job. I couldn't have asked for a better sacrament meeting to take a first-time investigator to. It was such a good meeting and I felt the spirit so strong!  Sunday evening we got a text from him saying that he would like to meet with us again so we scheduled another meeting Monday (yesterday). We met with him and it went really well, he asked a lot of good questions and we had a good chat. At the end Sister Schnoor asked him if he would be baptized if he knew the church was true and he said yes. We didn't give him an exact date, but when he said "yes." Sister Schnoor and I had the widest grins on our faces. We were so happy!. We scheduled to meet with him again this week, so hopefully we can give him a more specific date.  It's truly a wonderful thing how God puts people in our path and vise-versa so they have an opportunity to accept this wonderful gospel.
I'm super grateful for the opportunity to meet with all the wonderful people here in Székesfehérvár. Everyone we meet with is super nice and willing to help these two struggling girls speak Hungarian. Oh goodness. It's so fun because we speak so much HUNglish in our lessons, especially when people English.
Oh man...embarrasing moment of the week. So one of our investigators took us to this coffee shop (we drink hot chocoate) a couple weeks ago and there was a guy there who spoke English, and of course we love when we find people who can speak English. So we went back this week to try to talk to this guy more about English class. We walk up to the door and the hours on the door say Nyitás: Szombat 09-02 It was well after 2:00 . Sister Schoor and I looked at each other and we were like, "oh man, they're not open." But then we pushed on the door and it opened. There were people in there, and we were wondering if there was a mistake on the sign or something. So we sit down and the same guy, who we talked to last week, came around the corner. We asked him if they were open and he said "of course, we're open. There's people in here, isn't there?" We told him that we saw the sign on the door and it said that they're only open until two.  He said back to us, "yeah.... that's what it says..." we kind of just pushed it off to the side because it really wasn't important, but then after we drank our hot chocolate we told him we wanted to show him the sign so he follows us to the door and we show him and say "look, it says until 2:00!" Then he looks at us and says, "Yeah, we're open until 2:00, 2:00 in the morning..." Oh man, did we feel like idiots. Even above that it said that on the weekdays they're open until 24:00. I always forget that Hungary works on military time. See...like I said in last weeks email, sometimes I forget that I'm in Hungary. Is that weird. Anyway, so we kind of made fools out of ourselves with that, but we talked to him about English Class...hopefully he comes!
That was just a few things that happend this week. It was a good week to say the least.
I hope everything is well with you all, I love you all so much!
Oh, HAPPY THANKSGIVING  and Vigyazz a Fekete Péntekre (becareful on Black Friday--people get pretty vicious).

Szeretlek benneteket,
Whitaker Nővér

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