Monday, November 10, 2014

Michaela Janae Whitaker

Wow, this week was exhausting! Sister Schnoor and I finished the week with twenty-one programs. It's safe to say that we were running everywhere this week and I absolutely LOVED it. It made for a long week but meeting with our investigators and seeing them progress towards baptism makes it all worth it.
We had really good programs this week, and we managed to get a few referrals from some of the members and even from other investigators. One of the recently baptized members suggested that we start meeting with her boyfriend and we ended up having two really good programs with him this week. It went really well, and one of them she was able to be there and give her own testimony of the gospel. I really could feel the spirit strongly and I hope that her boyfriend will feel the sweet influence and spirit she brings to our programs. One of our new investigators that we met last week, while emailing, wanted to set up with us so we had a program with him at this really rendes (classy) hot chocolate place. He is pretty much the nicest guy ever, he speaks english pretty well, but he wants to practice it, as he is trying to find a better job where he can speak english more so when he learned that we teach english he was jumping up and down over the opportunity to meet with us. We meet him in the belváros (downtown) and he says he would like to invite us out for hot chocolate, we accepted his invitation and we started walking with him. I'm not joking when I say this guy must have said hi to twenty people on this ten minute walk to kaféház. He knows everyone! We get to the coffee house and of course he knows all the people working there.We had a really good program with him, and afterwards he asks us if he can do anything to help us and told us how if we would like sometime he can give us a tour of Székesfehérvár and tell us all the history of the buildings (sidenote: Székesfehérvár used to the capital city of Hungary before Budapest). There is a lot of neat history in this town. He randomly asked us if we wanted to learn how to folk dance because he knows of a good place to take folk dancing lessons. We thought that was super funny. All in all, he was super nice and we set up with him again in the same week. We met at the branch house on Sunday and he surprised us and brought us hot chocolate from McDonalds (mekizni- to go to McDonalds--funny hungarian word). That lesson went well too. We are excited and we think he has a lot of potential in the gospel, so cross your fingers!
Oh goodness, funny story for the week, we call this guy out of the area book who met with the missionaries a few months ago but then stopped because of his crazy schedule, so I call him and I ask him if we could meet with him and to my surprise he says, "yes, when would be good for you?" We set up a specific time and he says, "great, I'll be there." The day comes when we scheduled with him and about an hour before we were supposed to meet with him he calls us and says, "Hey, to tell you the truth, I am actually in Jerusalem for work and I won't be back until the middle of November but you were too sweet to say no to, but then I realized that it wouldn't be possible to meet, so maybe we can meet when I get back..." HAHA. I almost died laughing! I cracked a little giggle and said, "Yes, call us when you get back to Hungary. :P "
Thursday, we had the senior couple from Budapest, the Broadheads, come to Székes to teach our members, and investigators about family history. We scheduled it when we have Angol Ora on Thursdays and turns out a lot of our English Class came to it too and found it really interesting. That was really neat. They did such a good job and I was surprised at how intrigued and interested everyone was about it. Afterwards, some people even went up to the Broadheads and asked them additonal questions about Family History.
I can't really think of anything else, we just had a crazy busy week with all of our programs and all of them went really well.
This coming week will be very busy. We have splits coming up tomorrow, then on Wednesday we will go up to Budapest for interviews with President, and then on Friday we will have zone training in Dunaújváros. Again, we will be running all around the place, but it will be great.
This email is kind of everywhere and my thoughts are kind of scattered everywhere, sorry about that.
I love you all!
Whitaker Nővér

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