Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wow, these weeks don't get any easier. I feel like I've talked about how hard my week has been for the past four weeks, because well it has been.
This week wasn't too eventful.
Monday, after emailing, we went out to TG's house and his mom taught all of us missionaries how to make Lángos. That was lots of fun! It's really not that hard, but it was fun to learn how to make something new, even though with all the oil and butter they use to make it, it's probably not the healthiest thing and we probably won't be making it at our house, but maybe later in the future.
Tuesday morning, Sister Layton and I went on a run  but Sister Layton got injured during the run which made walking painful for her so we tried to take it a little slower this week so the injury wouldn't become worse.
We didn't have too many programs scheduled this week, and we took finding it easy with finding time. We also happened to go up to Budapest for our quarterly (and last) interviews with President on Thursday. Our three hour train ride, turned into a five and a half hour train ride, on the way up to Budapest. I was so ready to get off the hot train! Yuck. The interviews went well though. As we were leaving the Mission Home in Budapest we walked past this guy (probably in his 40's) and his son, but as we walked past them the dad stopped us and said "You're here to preach about the Savior. Teach me about the Savior" (in English). Sister Layton and I just looked at each other and said, "Well, yes we're here as missionaries and we teach about Jesus Christ." This guy just starts talking, but he was acting waaay weird! The little boy was just laughing and smiling in the background. I thought this guy was trolling us! He was just being super weird, but at the same time we were laughing and having a good conversation with him. We tried to ask the little boy (not so little, probably 14) his name and the dad was like, "Don't talk to strangers. I found this little homeless boy on the street and so I picked him up and now I'm we're going to get him food somewhere, so we gotta go girls, but it was nice talking to you." It was just so weird. We are pretty sure that he's a member or an investigator somewhere in the world, because he talked to us like he knew who Mormons are, but we'll just never know who this strange man and his son was. Too funny though! We got back on the train and headed to Szeged. That train ride seemed so quick compared to the one up there! Don't judge me for the pictures, I send!
What else happend this week. We met with RR, and taught him the other two big commandments. Tithing and Fast offering, and The Law of Chastity. They both went wayyy well! We were a little nervous to teach them, well at least I was, because I haven't taught these lessons too many times in my mission, but it was RR and he's understanding that we don't speak Hungarian perfectly and he bore with us and they ended up being really good lessons! He accepted to live everything, AND he came to Stake Conference this week even though the technology wasn't on our side Saturday night, therefore we ended up just teaching RR how to throw a football, in the backyard of the branch house. Fun Stuff!!
Sunday, the technology worked better so we were all able to watch stake conference. That was good! The stake president here in hungary is American! It's so cool. He speaks Hungarian perfectly, obviously, because he served a mission here ten years ago and then came back, but his talk was soooo good! I really enjoyed it and it was like a spiritual uplift that I needed this week!
That was pretty much our week, not too much happened.
but again, I hope all you mothers had a good mothers day!!
Love you all,
Whitaker Nővér
Michaela Whitaker

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