Monday, May 4, 2015

Golly... these weeks just keep passing by. Unfortunantly, I can't control the passing of time so I guess I will just keep singing and working. What else can ya do, really? It's okay, I enjoy my call as a missionary and I only have five months left so I mise well use the time to my advantage.
This week... was hard. I guess I said the same thing about last week, but I feel like this one was harder than last week, but Sister Layton and I decided that the reason why these last couple of weeks were so hard is because good things are going to happen next week. It only makes sense to me that Satan would throw roadblocks in our way to make us think that we can't go on (many times we thought this last week) so that we would give up and not obtain the sweet reward that is just within milimeters reach for us. Hmmm, I don't know if that made sense but it sounded good in my head. Haha.
Let's see, I don't want this to turn into a "negative, feel sorry for me" email. Missions are hard, some harder than others, but that's the glorious thing about missions: They're personalized for the missionary. Not everyone had a hard time this week, but Sister Layton and I did. It was all to help us become stronger as a companionship, and better missionaries. In addition to that, this week my faith in God was really tested. I saw my relationship with God get stronger and I'm thankful for that.
Monday we got that text from LZ that she didn't want to continue to meet with us. We actually saw LZ a few times this week on the street and tried to say hi, but she didn't really give us the time of day. That hurt. It hurt a lot. To see one of your friends who was doing so good for such a long time and then the next day you see them and they won't even acknowledge you. It was kind of like a pocket-knife to the foot. It hurt, but wasn't life threatening (like the common knife to the heart saying :P ). We usually met with LZ two times a week, but this week we didn't meet with her at all, and it was weird to be doing something else at those times.
I think the last time I said anything about our baptisimal dates we were at three, RR, LZ, and SZ. Well, I don't know if I talked much about SZ, but she had been meeting with us for a while and she also had a baptismal date. Well Easter came and things came up and we weren't able to meet with her for a while. She had a few sicknesses within her family. Well we saw her a few days ago and she wouldn't talk to us, she just kind of gave us the death glare and walked away. We went up to talk to her, but she wasn't having it. Throw another pocket-knife in my other foot. It was just really hard to see the people that we love and care about so much walk away from us like we were strangers to them. We just hope that sometime they will have a change in heart and come back to us. All we want is just to talk to them again.
We met with CC this week, and well she's as uhhh... crazy as ever. That's for sure. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week and she tried to tell us that Jesus Christ was coming in 2018 and that judgement day would be in 2026. Oh boyyy, we tried to clarify that up a little bit. I think it was successful for the most part, but oh boy... CC. Just gotta love her. That's all I'm sayin' about her. Especially when she comes to church and blurts out things that aren't really supposed to be blurted out in church. Gollyyyy!
We had an interesting tracting experience the other day, we literally just jumped on some bus and took it all the way to the end and it took us into Új Szeged but into a really rendes part and we ended up walking around this neighbor for three hours. The first house we rang, an older lady answered and we talked about the Book of Mormon with her and she accepted one from us, but after that didn't have too much success as far as let-ins go, but we still had fun. The view was nice out there.
I can't write a blog email and not mention our best friend here in Szeged. RR! Ahhhh, we looove him! He had to go to Germany a few times this week so he didn't have a lot of time to meet. We met with him really quickly Saturday night, but it was only a fifteen minute, drop-by lesson, because we were running short on time that day. Last night he sent us a little text that asked us how we were doing. Can you say, "just what we needed?" 
Life is good, things are going well. We're moving forward and this week is a brand new week.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there!!
Whitaker Nővér

Michaela Janae Whitaker

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