Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Michaela Janae Whitaker

Oh goodness, so much happened this week. It was a really busy week, we were running to and from everywhere. It was good though, it kept our minds off transfers... not really... but it was still good.

Probably the biggest thing that happened this week is we met with one of our investigators who showed a sincere interest in the gospel since the beginning , and in one of our programs with him he told us that he would like to quit smoking, and that he would "like to be free from this huge burden." The cool thing is that we hadn't even taught nor mentioned the Word of Wisdom yet, but he was ready to stop smoking. As missionaries we have a program to help people stop smoking, there are fifteen steps in this program and we talk to them about these fifteen neccessary steps to do everyday and if they do them everyday successfully they can become a non-smoker in a week. We started last Saturday and he agreed to do the fifteen steps. As missionaries we've been emphasizing the importance of daily contact, so we have been calling every night plus visiting him literally every other day to see how he's doing and he's doing super good! PLUS, he came to church on Sunday, like he said he would! We asked him how the program was going and he said that he had wanted to smoke many times but that he said a prayer and did the neccesary steps when he feels such an urge to smoke and he didn't smoke a cigarette! We are soo proud of him!! Sister Layton and I decided to give up something as well, to help our investigator to have friend support. Sister Layton gave up pékség and I gave up chewing gum. It's a good week.

This week is transfer week, I guess that's a pretty big thing. My companion and I are staying in Szeged! We're super happy about that. We're getting two new elders here in Szeged that will be exciting too. Our week is pretty full.

Oh and my companion and I, we got two new baptism dates this past week so that's exciting. They will be in May and we are super excited for it. It's so cool to see people progress from the very first program with them to extending a bap date and them accepting it. Greatest thing ever! We will continue teaching these people and hopefully their progression will keep going forward.

I didn't write too much compared to what happened this week, but this next week will be good and hopefully I'll have more good news to write next week.

Thanks for everything
Love you all
Whitaker Nővér

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