Tuesday, July 22, 2014

 Beaumont Testvér and all of us. He taught all of us and taught me in the MTC. Isn't his wife, just adorable!?
 this is the Lady that let us pull her honeysuckle and she fed us. Beautiful daughters
 Family Home Evening Monday night.
 For our English class last week, I made a Scrabble Board. It took a long time, but it was fun and I think the English Class enjoyed it as well
 Here's Sister Sexton (Aniko-- one of the Elders investigators) and I at FHE, last night
 This is one of the members and she's probably the craziest but funniest person ever.
 A local investigator.
 This is the Saint János Temple. It's beautiful
 This is only a little part of a big cross-stich project in an investigators home that we visited last week. It was BEAUTIFUL.
This is one of the people who comes to Angol Ora, often. She took us out for ice cream and then bought us chocolate. She knows what sister missonaries need!!!

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