Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Michaela Janae Whitaker

6:50 AM (38 minutes ago)

Sister Whitaker made it through her first transfer! Whaaaat!? Wow! I can hardly believe that I've been in Hungary for nine weeks! The time has gone ridiculously fast. It's amazing how the nine weeks in the field seemed to go a lot quicker than the nine weeks in the MTC. Funny how that is, eh?
As of tomorrow I won't be a Soproni missionary anymore, I am being transfered to Pápá. It's still in the same zone as Sopron, but just a little farther east. So no longer will I be on the border of Hungary and Austria, but instead I'll be more within the borders of Hungary. There are ten sister missionaries going home and seven coming in. There is not enough missionaries to make companionships of two in every city so a lot of us have been put into tri-companionships this transfer. Who am I with, you are probably wondering...well get this-- I will be with Kovács Nővér, who is a Hungarian native, and then we will be receiving a greenie! Ahh! It is going to be crazy...crazy fun! Sister Kovacs has been on her mission for about nine months, and she mostly speaks just Hungarian, she has been learning English along the way of her mission with her American companions, but that is it! Then we will have the complete other side of the spectrum as our greenie will be very new in the country. I honestly don't know what to think. It will be good, hopefully we can all learn many things from each other. That is, if we can understand each other!
This week has been great! It was Sister Sexton's last full week in Hungary and we made a deal that we would make it her best week! I'm not sure if it was exactly her "best" week, but if you ask me, it was perfect. We had a lot of programs this week, and great experiences.

Guess who came to Sopron?! Beaumont Testvér. Beaumont Testvér was one of my teachers in the MTC and he just recently got married (his wife is so darling). They decided to come to Hungary for their honeymoon. It was so nice to see them! They came up on Saturday and Sunday just happen to be Branch Conference so President Smith and his wife came up from Budapest, as well as the Branch Presidency from Szombathely. The Elders and I were planning on singing "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing," in sacrament meeting, but then when Beaumont and his wife came up, they offered to sing with us, so the Elders, Beaumont and his wife and I sang in our last Sacrament Meeting together. It was a very very spiritual experience. Plus, it was really awesome to see Beaumont and his wife!

It's really sad to leave Sopron, this past week was especially hard because Sister Sexton was saying bye to all of the members and investigators and little did I know that it would be my final goodbye as well. The people of Sopron have the biggest hearts of any other group of people I have come in contact with, they will give you the shirts off their back and their last bit of food to anyone who is in need. I have experienced both of those, firsthand, while being here.
Sopron will always always have a special place in my heart! I will never forget the people I met and the great experiences I had here!
I hope everything is going well for all of you back home!

Sok Szeretettel,
Whitaker Nővér

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