Monday, June 9, 2014

Szia! Hogy Vagytok!? (Hello, how are you all?) 

This last week in Sopron has been great, as usual! Every week I meet new people and experience new things that make my love for Hungary even greater than the prior week. 
This week Sexton Növér and I had a few opportunities to serve people in Sopron and I would like to speak about my experiences while doing so and what I learned from them.
Our first service opportunity happened Wednesday afternoon. There is an orphanage, here in Sopron, that one of our investigators goes and volunteers at, weekly. The senior couple here, Elder and Sister Brown, are the kindest people you will ever meet and Sister Brown has a love for children that just melts your heart, well of course when Sister Brown has an opportunity to go interact with children she does not hesitate but instead pounces on the opportunity. So on Wednesday, the Browns, Sexton Növér, our investigator and I went to the orphanage to play with the children. Now as you of you know. I was in an orphanage for the first eleven months of my life and though I don't remember what it was like, I can just assume that the life for children in some orphanages is not good. This orphanage though, was the exact opposite. The children were so friendly and so incredibly happy that we came to visit them and play games with them. The smiles on their faces were just a whole bunch of Kodak moments. Sadly, I forgot my camera, but I can still picture in my mind how glad they were to see us. 
Okay, so quite honestly, I've never been a huge fan of babies or children. That doesn't mean I don't love them or care for them, it's just I wasn't like zealous about the opportunity to hang out with them, like Sister Brown, but as I sat with the kids and talked to them (in my broken Hungarian) I started to feel a connection between us. Even though some of them were significantly younger than me, I felt as though we had just created a friendship that could last forever. As I served these children I devolved a love for them and a desire for their happiness. Now, that was another thing that surprised me. It's got to be a hard thing to live I an orphanage, especially when you're older and realize why you are there and why you stay there, but I didn't see one unhappy kid, in that orphanage and they were just so incredibly loving towards one another. They acted as if they are one bug family living in a big home together. They even call the workers there anyukam (my mother). The workers are so sweet and loving to those children and you can see it on their faces!
From the orphanage, I learned the principle of love. Those kids were some compassionate towards each other and willing to help in any way possible. That was just astounding to me, especially given their circumstances. Also, when you serve people, even though you aren't necessarily friends or acquaintances, you will develop of love for them that you didn't even know was possible to obtain.

Our second service opportunity happened on Friday. There is a family that lives a couple of blocks away from the Browns. They are not members or investigators, at the moment, but they are just a neighboring  couple of the Browns. A tragic fire started in their house earlier in the week and it burned everything upstairs and left very few things untouched downstairs. We decided to go over there Friday afternoon and help them pack up things that were still okay. 
I had never served anyone who has lost so much, ever in my life so that was a very humbling experience for me. As we walked in and you just saw black everywhere, my heart ached for this couple and their son. While nobody was hurt, you could tell that they were just physically and mentally drained from this experience. It made me so happy that we could go over there and help them out. 
Sometimes I feel like life is hard and I question why I go through tough times, but my touch times don't even come close to their tough times. Then I feel very selfish when I realize that I have all of my clothes and books and all the necessities back in my apartment and that they are not  all burnt to ashes. The Lord is good to me and my family, but gives us trials and tribulations not to stop our progress but to help us experience things that make our progress more meaningful and helpful, later on in life. I know what this family is going through right now is hard and they don't know why it had to happen, but The Lord has so much in store for them, if they just are patient and wait for The Lord to deliver them blessings, in his timing.
I thank The Lord every day for what the opportunities he has give me to serve the people in Sopron at this time. This is truly a wonderful area and I can't think of anywhere else I would want to be than in Hungary, right now.  Again, the Branch here is great and filled with wonderful people as is the whole town of Sopron. 
I hope everything is well with you all and God be with you 'till we speak again!

Whitaker Növér

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