Friday, May 2, 2014

Two weeks and five days until I'm on a plane to Hungary!!!

Hello all! I am starting to get really excited! It's May 1, which means we leave this month! Woohoo!! 

This week has been super awesome!! 

First, at our devotional on Sunday we had a speaker, that we heard our very first week at the MTC. His name is Stephen Allen and he is a really good speaker. The Elders in our district got front row seating and us sisters were a couple rows back. They encouraged us to come sit by them so we did. Well Brother Allen likes interactive devotionals. At the beginning he would say things like "Stand up if..." and if it applied to you, you would stand up. Well half-way through his devotional, he looks at us, in the front row. Oh, and his talk was about speaking to investigators who have never heard of the gospel and how to approach them. So he was talking about the sacrifices that missionaries make to come on a mission and how, through our faith, we serve because we know that the Lord will help us as we make sacrifices to serve him. So anyways, he looks at us and tells us to come up to the stage and say one thing that we gave up to come on a mission. We were given strict instructions that we could not repeat something someone else before us had already said, well I was fourth in line and of course all the obvious ones (friends, family, school) had already been said, but the Elder in front of me who said School went to UVU (Utah Valley University) so when I got up there, I said school, BYU. He liked my answer better because he graduated from BYU, so I got off the hook (: Anyways, it was in front of the whole MTC (main and east campus) so that was a surprise. 

Second,  we got to listen to ANOTHER, yes another, apostle speak. No, it wasn't Elder Holland, but it was D. Todd Chistofferson, who is just as good! He came Tuesday and spoke to us about trust. There were a lot of things he said that I liked, but one thing he said was "It's greater to be trusted than to be loved." I thought about that and at first I thought to myself, "wouldn't you rather be loved than trusted?" But as he continued to speak, my opinion quickly changed and I learned a lot of important things about trust. Elder Christofferson shared his favorite story of trust in the Book Of Mormon. It is found in Helaman 10, when the Lord talks to Nephi, the son of Helaman, and gives him power to seal.
I studied this story in my personal study and I thought to myself, "Wow, I can't even imagine being so faithful and obedient to the Lord's will that I would get the chance to not just see God, but he that he would give me the same power that he gave Nephi." The Lord gave Nephi power to move mountains. That is so cool to me! 
Overall, I really enjoyed listening to Elder Christofferson! I wonder who the next apostle will be (;

Last of all, We got to Skype with a real Hungarian on Tuesday! It was sooooo cool! Although the lady that my companion and I skyped with didn't have a really good camera and the sound quality was really really really bad so couldn't hear her. Our camera and sound quality, for her, was fine but unfortunately there wasn't a great two way connection. My companion and I kept on saying "meg egysér" which means, "one more time" and then when she would repeat herself she would say whatever it was really slow, so I felt like she thought we didn't understand her, but that wasn't the case, we just couldn't hear her! It was kind of sad, but its all right. We get to do it every week until we leave, which is only two more weeks! AH! Anyway, she lives in Budapest and most likely we will get to meet her, in person, while on our mission so I'm excited. 

Anyways, those are the big highlights of the week. It sounds like if you live in South Dakota you're still experiencing the cold. Sorry, but I'm not surprised. I hope all is well for everyone and thank you for all the letters and emails! They are much appreicated!

God be with you 'til we speak again.

Növér Whitaker

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