Thursday, April 17, 2014

We had a pretty powerful experience this week. 
During the evening sometimes we are assigned to do TALL, which is an online learning program that helps us learn the language. Well on Monday night when we were supposed to be doing TALL a majority of us decided to watch some Mormon videos on the Mormon channel or some of us (me) was checking out the Hungary Budapest Mission Blog. You should check that out by the way. It's a blog about our mission! I'll be on the site in five weeks! Crazy! Anyways, Grossen Testver (Brother Grossen) walked in on us and saw that we were not giving our 110% but instead we chose to watch videos, which I guess we're not allowed to do, not even during our additional study. Videos are only to be watched on P-day along with blog checking. That's the blog. I guess you could post that link onto my blog, if you want.
We all went back to the classroom and Grossen Testver talked to us about how he wasn't upset, but that he was sad that we were not using the Lord's time wisely. He only spoke in Hungarian but by now we can understand most of what he is saying, and you could just tell in the tone of his voice that he was disappointed in us. After telling us how important it is to use the Lord's time wisely and the importance of giving it our all, he read us the Hungary Budapest Mission's dedicatory prayer. In that prayer it (essentially says) that the missionaries that are called to serve there were "foreordained, before the world was formed, to take their place in Hungary." That blew my mind. I can't believe that. Everybody who served/ is serving/ or will serve was foreordained to do so. Grossen added his own words in and said "You've been waiting a long time and we knew it would be hard, but we chose to accept it. That almost makes me want to cry knowing that the Lord trusted us so much that he already knew and had assigned us to a mission where we would be effective in spreading the Gospel. The last thing that Grossen said that I really liked, not out of the dedicatory prayer was that "they (Hungarians) have been through the worst and they need the Lord's best." I can't believe that I was that selfish as to turn my focus away from the Lord's work and essentially the Hungarian needs to satisfy my own wants. 
This experience and what Grossen Testver said made me think about It made me think how the situations and and outcomes in my life aren't simply miracles, but they are blessings from God. My Adoption is just one example. All the events that happened prior to my adoption and during the adoption process weren't just miracles, but the Lord had them in my plan so that I could end up where I am today: On a mission. On a mission that I agreed to do, even before the world was created. Ah! That gives me chills every time! I know that God knows all of us, individually. My parents often say that while they love me so much, their love is imperfect, compared to God's love which is perfect and I have a testimony that, that is true. 

So prepare to get a little jealous now. (:

Last night, for our devotional, Neil L. Anderson came and talked to us. Yes, he came and was in the same room as us. The spirit was there so strongly. He spoke to us about sermons of Christ and his Atonement, in the Book of Mormon. 
My favorite he talked about were in 2 Nephi 31 and Alma 7: 11-12
I encourage you to look at those this upcoming week as Easter is quickly approaching. 

Guess who is coming to talk to us this Sunday. Elder Holland. Yeah, no big deal. I know (: I am so excited! He is one of my favorite apostles. When he came to our Rapid City Stake Conference I was blown away by his talk and the spirit he brought. I get to feel that same spirit in three days and I'm stoked! 

I have been thinking about how blessed I have been. I have heard from at least six different apostles, in person. Not counting me going to General Conference, but going to BYU I got to listen to multiple apostles at our devotionals and now, here at the MTC, I get to see them very often. I love it. I know that they are men called by God

Do me a favor, sometime this week go to: and at least watch the video that's on the very top. There are other things on the site, but I really love the video and it helps remember the significance of this Easter Holiday.

I love you all.

God be with you 'til we speak again.

Növér Whitaker

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